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If you are happy with our service or have any comments to make about our products we would love to hear from you - just email your comments to

Here's what our customers have to say... 

We are now the proud owners of the trike you ordered for us. Stewart Wilson has been extremely helpful. We picked the trike up last Saturday and it has totally transformed Alistair's attitude to the outside world. He can't get enough of his bike. We have all been out cycling as a family (5 of us) and he asks to go out every night when he comes in from school.

As far as the trike goes, we were a bit worried about the height of the handle bars and Stewart had arranged to swap them for BMX ones, but after the weekend , we have decided to keep them as they are. Having watched him over several hours the longer handle bars force him to sit upright and keep his weight on the seat and therefore through it onto the back wheels. The trike is very stable and Alistair can handle it with ease. Despite it's length, it has a really tight turning circle. It's not too broad for the pavements so he has the security of riding alongsde us.

If anyone is considering buying the trike I would highly recommend it. It has given Alistair confidence beyond our expectations....not to mention popularity for having a really trendy bike!

Many Thanks,

Karin Lind

Dear Sir

We would like to write in praise of the 'BMX Trike' we bought from you in March. Our son Toby is 7 years old and severely autistic. He had outgrown his 2 Wheel bike and stabilizers and we were at a loss of how to keep him mobile.

We ordered the bike over the Internet and it was made and delivered within a week. The trike exceeded all our expectations - it is extremely sturdily made with plenty of growing room.

Toby is now able to ride his bike (accompanied by Dad, of course) to and from school and this elicits daily comments and enquiries from interested parents. We have had no hesitation in recommending your company. The trike in no way looks like a 'disabled bike' - one of the teachers at my son's special school described it as looking like an 'adult chopper' and my older son and his friends have given it a very high 'cool' factor! In fact, as soon as he gets off - they get on!!!!

The look of pure delight on Toby's face as he speeds around is priceless. Thank you so much for giving him this joy and independence. Yours Sincerely,

Peter & Gillian Barton

Dear Mission Cycles,

I thought I would let you know how I am doing with a recent purchase of your product. I wanted to maintain/kick start my weight loss by trying a new activity of cycling. Not having the confidence of two wheels I invested in your 24" model. It has given me a new lease of life and I have cycled all over London solo and on organised rides. I have lost some more weight and enjoyed the fact of doing it that way rather than in a tedious environment like a gym. I am beginning to master the gears procedure, road positioning (i.e. avoiding too much of a slope) and manoeuvring around people, obstructions such as bollards/cycle calming. Many people have enquired with me where I purchased it from etc and other comments of amazement to silliness. I pointed them to your website and the dealer that furnished me with the product. Thanks for designing a product that fulfils its objective and money well spent!!!

Nigel Shepherdson

The Folding trike idea is a brilliant solution for us thank you!!!

Joan and Malcolm Stockwell

I know how much independence means to my son and he still gets a trike that looks like something a 9 yr old boy would want to be seen on. We really didn’t have anything around here that would suit a pre teen boy the ones we found hear either looked like something a toddler would ride or looked like something his grandparents would ride. When he saw the 2o inch BMX trike on the computer he was so excited. Kept saying buy it buy it buy it So we could not say no .So he is definatly looking forward to getting it.

Edward J McDonough , USA

Hi Just wanted to let you know Katie, my husband and myself are all very happy with the bike we took delivery of in June, she loves it and if we get some better weather with actually get lots of use out of it this summer. Thank You very much for all your help. Lamp Lighters actually funded the bike and therefor I didn't get a copy of the receipt, it went direct to them. Please could you either post me a copy or email a copy of it to me for my own files. Thanks again, a very happy young lady and 2 happy foster carers.

Louise Bloomer

Cycle arrived today grandson is delighted with it, thank you for such speedy delivery.

Dawn Rogers

I bought your 12" bmx scooter for my six-year-old recently and it's awesome. every kid who sees it wants one, especially as it has brakes, and my boy won't get off it. it's sturdy, looks good, and balances well. i had to remove the stand after two days as it soon got bent away from the frame, but it's no great loss. well done!

Simon Betteridge

Blame it on being the only child of an over-protective mother but I never learnt how to ride a bike when I was young. All my life it was something I thought about from time to time but lacked the nerve to try. When we moved to France a few years ago and found out we were living very near beautiful canal paths it seemed daft not to think again about riding a bike. Yet I still lacked the nerve to try and then one day I saw somewhere online about the modern trikes that one can buy these days. The idea germinated for quite a long time then my husband bought a bike and that spurred me on to pursue the buying of a trike. An expat thread recommended Mission Cycles and I looked at their website, found out they'd be only too happy to deal with people out of the UK and now we move to the next part of my story. I've just been out on my first ever ride on wheels not covered by a car. It was fantastic, exciting and very comfortable. Because I'm quite short I went for the 20” and it is just right. I cannot recommend Mission and their trikes highly enough. It seems amazing to me that at the age of 40+ I am doing this for the first time and I am so glad I took the plunge. Delivery took just three days (and that was with a bank holiday in between). If you've never ridden a bike before and feel nervous about the thought of it, just buy yourself a trike. Go on – do it!

Julie Kahn

Would just like to say that the 12" BMX scooter arrived two days after ordering it! So thank you very much! Impatient 8 year old very happy. This is an excellent scooter as she can use it on grass, so no more complaining about coming to walk the dog! Would recommend this scooter over a micro scooter anyday.

Kind regards,

Kerry Mitchell

Hi there, We bought a 12" scooter for our 10 yr old son for his birthday in May '07. I could find nothing else on the market to compare. I wanted something with breaks, good for off road, sturdy enough to take the knocks and large enough to be useful for some years to come. The scooter has been popular with both my sons (age 10 and 12) and the neighbours' children (age 10, 12 and 14) and I enjoy scooting round the garden too! Good value product that beats the many silly folding scooters that have swamped the market, hands down.

Guy Hutchinson




I love my new trike, I sometimes use it to do my parents shopping. Although it is quite hard work up hills, I love down hills. I have balance problems and found it too dificult to ride a bike. In the first two days of owning my lovely new trike I went on 4 rides in the first 2 days. I love the parking brakes because when you get tired going up hills you can stop and have a rest. I loved it from the moment I got on it for the first time.


Bethan (aged 11)

Thanks Mission for your excellent service the dual lever that I ordered from you arrived today 25/4/08 . I have fitted it to a recumbent trike that I am in the process of building and the lever works just fine,thanks again for the excellent service.

Mr. Stewart ALLEN

Dear Dean, I just wanted you to know that I found you so helpful and always replied quickly to my emails and phone calls. I have been looking for a special needs trike for our son for three weeks now and found your service the best. Believe it or not I am still waiting for replies from 3 weeks ago, even when I have been in a shop to have a look. Its been a pleasure to buy of you and will certainly recommend you to many others.

Yours Sincerely

J Woodward

Dear Mission Cycles

Last week I ordered a cargo trailer. When it came the bit that attaches to the bike was missing. I think probably someone had taken it from the box and had forgotten to replace it. Anyway I telephoned and whoever answered quickly got the gist of what was missing and sure enough it arrived safely shortly after. I just wanted to say thanks for the good service received. I always think it is when you experience a problem that you find out how good a company is. By the way I am delighted with the trailer.


Dawn Maybury

Hi, Scooter recieved - seven year old daughter screaming up and down hall as we speak. Thank you!

Just a word of thanks for getting the Di Blasi R32 trike (and the pedals!) to me so quickly. It's a lovely machine and I'm sure I'm going to enjoy every minute.

Roy Ronnie

Girls Trikette Just felt we had to say a huge thank you for all your help with getting my daughters bike here in time for her birthday, after being let down by another company. You will make a little girl very happy. Kind Regards Lisa & Mac Roberts. P.S. I will recommend your company to all our friends who also have disabled children. Hope the chocolates didn’t melt!

Well done you guys. I have asked in cycle shops for a few years "Have you ever heard of adult scooters?" They have looked at me like I am a lunatic. I just ordered your broadwalk 20, and this is one 50 year old who intends to have fun, and keep fit.


Hi Mission cycles, Just wanted to let you know that we have received the piggyback that we ordered-everything seems to be in order. Thanks for your help in sending it 'downunder'!

A Happy Australian Customer

Hi all at Mission Cycles, I ordered an adult trike from you last year for my partner and just wanted to let you know that she loves it. She has never had the confidence to try a two wheel bike and seen an adult trike on tv once that set us on a MISSION to find one for her. A bike shop here in Edinburgh recommened yourselfs to us. Thank you ever so much

Dear Sirs, Thank you for the delivery of the Trikette for our little girl. It is extremely well made and she will, I’m sure, have hours of fun riding out on it. If we wished at some point to change the free-wheel to a fixed wheel, how would we go about doing that?


Les Tingay

Just to say thanks for sorting the bike out so quickly for me it is really good and was in use the same day as delivery. Sorry I have not been so prompt in returning the VAT relief form. It will be in the post in the morning and will be with you shortly. I was waiting for the parents to return the form to me. Thank you again for your help with this order. Linda Beddoe

Dear All, We would like to say a big thank you for your prompt and helpful service, We ordered a BMX Style 12" Scooter on Tues over the phone and received the scooter on the Wed of the same week. The scooter was for our 4 yr old boy and although the description says 6yrs and upwards, the handle bars are low enough and he can handle it with ease although the breaks had to be adjusted so he can reach them but all in all we have a VERY happy little boy and can't wait to get home and play on the scooter. I would have no hesitation in using or recommending your company again.

Thanks again.

Dawn & Lee, Hampshire

Hello, Just a quick email to thank you for the speedy delivery of the Piggy back Mk11 special needs 24 inch wheel, which arrived this morning, it looks to be a very well made piece of equipment. It was very well wrapped and protected and I look forward to some good weather so we can get cycling.

Thanks again.

Jamie Doyle (c/o Steve Doyle)

Just to say thank you for being so helpful with the scooter parts and very quick response.

Mrs Janet McConnell

I have recently bought a second hand trike. Despite it being 10 years old it is in very good condition. It goes to show that if you look after your bike it will look after you.

Peter Kelly

just a quick e.mail to say a big thankyou for my order a scotter which arrived at 6pm on the 2nd as you said in the e mail. Great service.

Mrs Carole Martin

Many thanks dean it came this morning ,great scooters my kids are going to love them ,






I ordered a Mission Solo Tricycle 20" Wheels after my Mission Solo 24" tricycle was stolen. I am a mildly disabled man with balance issues. Wow! The service I received was excellent. Its 4 days later and I'm now riding it. The improvements in the current model (my previous was purchased in June 2007) were almost worth loseing the other one for. The 6 speed Shimano Gears and one handle that works both brakes are brilliant, All in all I now have a superior item which is very safe and stable on the roads Thanks Mission

Hi there, thank you,by the way it's a fab trike,much better than my old pashley!the big wheels are great,just what i've been looking for!

kind regards,


Mike,Great excitement in the Colbourn household as the Trike arrived today!! Dan was straight out on it - down the hill and along the flat road for several hundred yards with his brother (then I had to push him back up the hill!!) We're worn out already with "when can I go back out on my trike?" questions already and he's only been off it for half an hour. Many many thanks from all of us for the very generous donation and the help and support - we're sure it will make a great difference to his rehabilitation. Enjoy the photos.

Thanks again,

Simon and Sam Colbourn

Hello Just wanted to compliment you on your service!! Firstly, I received a phone call to check that I did actually order 2 scooters which was great thank you. Then they were received the following day. So thanks to all of your team for great customer service.

Dawn Lacey

MYSELF AND WIFE WOULD LIKE TO THANKYOU, we have purchased a scooter recently from yourselves for our son's birthday, and he has not been anywhere without it!!, The quality is amazing and since purchasing this my wife has been plagued at our local school with queris from parents about where we got the scooter from. My wife has been passing on your companies details, so I hope you get lots off orders from the Cheshunt area, especially in this current climate. Many thanks again for the pleasure our son is getting with your product!!

Gary and Claire

I have just placed an order for a trike raincoat since my Trilogy trike now has to be left outside at work. I have has this Trilogy for 3.5 years now and it has been a joy to ride from day one. My previous 2 trikes were both from Pashley. The second Pashley replaced one which I had for nearly 20 years. When it was stolen it felt like a family bereavement. In retrospect whoever who stole the second Pashley did me a favour because I now have this excellent Mission which is so much better. We didn’t have to make endless adjustments to get a comfortable riding position and I really like the huge carrier which carries all my bulk buys from the local wholefood supermarket and all sorts of other thing at various times. I am now commuting 3 miles to work on 3 days a week along suburban main roads which is so much better than having to get a bus into the city centre. The mission is much admired and I am quite frequently asked what model it is. I always tell people how good a Mission trike is.

Margaret Morris

I Just wanted to thank you for the next day delivery (last wednesday) of an adult piggyback 2. My wife and I have not been able to cycle together since she becam ill and gradually disabled over 5 years ago. We got rid of our bikes 4 or so years ago, so when my new bike arrived on Saturday(not everone is as efficient at delivery as you!)I hitched up the piggyback and we went on a ride around the locality. Linda found it a bit scary! I found it much easier to pull than I was expecting as Linda is hardly able to pedal. But we thoroughly enjoyed it, we went out again on Sunday, this time we went to a local coast side ride area, and were thrilled that we were able to get the piggyback and my bike on a thule towball mounted cargo base. I guess I just wanted to say thank you for giving us a little bit of freeedom back. I would recommend this to any adult who needs help to enjoy cycling.

With best wishes,

David Parker

I would just like to say a special 'THANK YOU' to you for sending us our son's bike earlier than expected.We received it at 7 pm last night and our son is absolutely over the moon with it and so are we.He is special needs and this is just exactley what he wants for his mobility as he has no balance.This bike is wonderful and fantastically built and we would like to congratulate you and your company for making this possible for him.Thank you to everyone involved.We will definatley order from you again and will recommend you to all our family and friends.Thank you once again.

Kind regards,

Mr & Mrs Gainfort-Moore

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